The Bugle, ep. 236: Tennis raquet marries guinea pig

Episode 236 contains a lengthy hilarious piece called Rainbow roundup by John. The main ironically very rigid springboard is lord Norman Tebbit. Among others it includes: googling his photo as an experiment hotel Crazy town gay baby queen bungee jumping into someone’s mind Andy’s interpretation of Schrodinger’s cat with full body-fur transplant an iguana grazing Occam’s facial hair possibly known as an Occam’s razor Andy’s audio fresco illustrating the non-existent risks of people marrying their family members in order to avoid inheritance tax Chris’s information about Tebbit having been confirmed to be genetically 100% British on a TV show

The Bugle, ep. 233: Baby got hack

Episode 233 is magical. After the opening salvos, Andy launches into a story about the 60th anniversary of Aldous Huxley and George Orwell taking mescalin for the first time. The story centers on a lawnmower impersonating a pregnant badger for a decade. John’s uncomprehending reaction is priceless. However, that’s not all! Soon after, Andy summaries a piece going to the bin: Roosevelt’s secret bucket of lobsters who via clapping in Morse code shaped American politics and lead to the New Deal as well as Stalin looking uncomfortable in the photos from the Jalta conference.

Finské přísloví

Pokud chcete finsky o někom říct, že není zrovna nejchytřejší, můžete říct "sillä ei ole kaikki Muumit laaksossa," což znamená "nemá všechny Mumínky v údolí." Finsko je boží. — Karolínka (@_Karoliinka_) March 12, 2019

The Bin King - Bugle 4096 and Alice's continuing relationship with the flamingo community

Fucking barrage of pictures of lanky pink f**k birds gangling around in a salt puddle somewhere with their cumbersome beaks and their pretentious unwillingness to use more than one leg at a time. Alice Fraser in The Bin King - Bugle 4096 Alice is my favourite new Bugle co-host by a pretty wide margin. I don’t agree with her politically on almost anything and find her podcast unlistenable but her Bugle stylings are amazing.

The Bugle, ep. 170: Flying Delta

John Oliver relayed his experience with Delta in the beginning of The Bugle, ep. 170. John: Well, Andy, I had one of the most horrendous travel days of my life last weekend. Andy: Aaaahaaaaahhhh! John: I was supposed to, I was supposed to fly from Tampa to Durham, North Carolina. A flight which should take about hour and a half there or there abouts. I turned up at the airport only to see that I was flying Delta.

Canadian sex stats

I’m not sure where I heard about a survey of Canadians’ sex life which among other things revealed that 8% of Canadians have had sex in a canoe. How?

Water tastes better when thirsty

Listening to an episode of Freakonomics Radio, more precisely of a cross-broadcast of Tell Me Something I Don’t Know, a titbit caught my ear: one of the contestants, Christie Aschwanden, claimed that there are specific receptors in the throat which activate differently when drinking depending on the level of thirst you feel, thus making a glass of water delicious when you’re parched. I didn’t find anything about specific receptors but there is at least one study documenting neural correlates to the same effect.

The Bugle, ep. 160 and Margaret Thatcher roosting on ostrich eggs

The Bugle, ep. 160 opens with a great episode number announcement by Andy: Give me a one, six zero! What have you got? Seven! Ok, multiply that by a hundred. What’s that? 700! Divide it by five! What’s that now? 140! Why didn’t you multiply by 20 in the first place? Add the number of legs on two standard human children. What have you got? 144! Ok, add the number of legs on three standard human children in pantomime spider outfit.

Yule log and kissing Santa's ring

Basically the whole episode of My Dad Wrote a Christmas Porno 3 is excellent. Two parts stand out: yule log shopping and kissing Santa’s ring. Belinda is also very judgemental of Santa’s physical fitness.

CompStat on Reply All

Great two part podcast series by Reply All about CompStat, a information system used by NYPD to track police work and police officers. How it came about in 1990’s and it correlates with a dramatic reduction of crime. However, it’s also responsible for (a portion of) nonsensical arrests and fines two decades later — police officers are trying to meet artificial quotas no matter what because the system is governed by politics which don’t allow for crime rates going up.

Strength Training and Mobility on Full Stack Radio, ep. 105

Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe, book about anatomy and physiology of strength training and weight lifting Deskbound by Kelly Starett, book about mobility and its deterioration at a desk job MobilityWOD YouTube series by Kelly Starett as well; 199 videos showing exercises to increase physical mobility and prevent injury Full Stack Radio, ep. 105 with Ben Orenstein.

The Congressman's Penis

In episode 157, Andy Zaltzman revealed that The Bugle got the rights to a serialized audio book/dramatization to The Congressman’s penis, John Grisham’s unpublished first novel. He also performed the first chapter right on the spot. It has recurred in several episodes.