The Bin King - Bugle 4096 and Alice's continuing relationship with the flamingo community

Fucking barrage of pictures of lanky pink f**k birds gangling around in a salt puddle somewhere with their cumbersome beaks and their pretentious unwillingness to use more than one leg at a time.

Alice Fraser in The Bin King - Bugle 4096

Alice is my favourite new Bugle co-host by a pretty wide margin. I don’t agree with her politically on almost anything and find her podcast unlistenable but her Bugle stylings are amazing.

It’s rather surprising since she’s encroaching on Andy’s pun territory as well as coming up with ridiculous, winding similes. Somehow it works and Andy’s It’s a family show, Alice! has become a recurring catch phrase.

In ep. 4096, Alice tackled the topic of new Unicode emojis which to her great something includes a flamingo. Dutifully, she had been alerted to this news on Twitter by dozens of buglers. One of them being me and thus giving me a first indirect mention on The Bugle.