The Bugle, ep. 160 and Margaret Thatcher roosting on ostrich eggs

The Bugle, ep. 160 opens with a great episode number announcement by Andy:

  1. Give me a one, six zero! What have you got? Seven!
  2. Ok, multiply that by a hundred. What’s that? 700!
  3. Divide it by five! What’s that now? 140!
  4. Why didn’t you multiply by 20 in the first place?
  5. Add the number of legs on two standard human children. What have you got? 144!
  6. Ok, add the number of legs on three standard human children in pantomime spider outfit. What have you got now? 168!
  7. Shoot, I’ve gone too far!
  8. Subtract the number times Margaret Thatcher roosted on an ostrich egg to see if she could make it hatch into a human child. What have you got? 160!
  9. Why didn’t you just add two kids in spider outfits?
  10. Fuck you!
  11. Finally, multiply by the number of ostriches that Thatcher’s has put through school and university at their own expense! What have you got? Still 160!
  12. What happened to the other seven?
  13. Anyway, it’s Bugle issue 160.